WinForms in a 64-Bit world

32-bit components can impose challenges for WinForms developers

WinForms in a 64-Bit world
14 minutes by Klaus Loeffelmann

32-bit components can impose challenges for WinForms developers in a 64-bit Visual Studio environment, but there are options to solve this. Component modernization, migrating to .NET 6+ and a new option to use the out-of-process Designer for Framework are the key to a feasible way forward.

If you send more than 5K emails a day, check Mailtrap's tutorial on the new 'Google and Yahoo email policy 2024'. It breaks down the latest authentication and DNS protocol requirements so you can navigate them with ease.

By default Request.Body can only be read once. In this post I discuss why frequently when you need raw Request.Body access you actually need to read the body more than once, and you can enable that functionality and deal with the caveats of doing so.

Entity Framework 8 and the use of SqlQuery to map results to any C# object.

In this post I describe Windows named pipes, what they are, the scenarios where they're useful, how to use them with ASP.NET Core, and how to call a named pipe ASP.NET Core app using HttpClient.

Property based testing
2 minutes by Bart Wullems

A neat series on property testing originally written for F# but works in C# too.

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