Putting Your Cookies On A Diet

Improving ASP.NET Core security by reducing the size of your cookies

This blog post explores how we can improve the security of your ASP.NET Core authentication security by reducing the size of our cookies.

Dating back to the early days of WPF, devs have been asking to build native applications in only C# and not XAML. C# Markup offers a path to enhanced productivity by staying in the familiar C# environment.

In the old .NET Framework days, you could use the BinaryFormatter class to serialize and deserialize objects. This can be convenient for cloning or storing some session states. As the BinaryFormatter has some serious security concerns, the .NET team marked it as obsolete (as error) in .NET 7 and onwards.

ObservableCollection is a data type that allows you to react when an item is added or removed from the collection. Let’s learn more!

Code review & Time Travel
3 minutes Oren Eini

A not insignificant part of my job is to go over code. Today I want to discuss how we approach code reviews at RavenDB, not from a process perspective but from an operational one. I have been a developer for nearly 25 years now, and I’ve come to realize that when I’m doing a code review I’m actually looking at the code from three separate perspectives.

.NET 8: Blazor Render Modes Explained
6 minutes by Peter De Tender

Blazor .NET8 render mode provides developers with more flexibility and control over how their components are rendered.

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