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A primer on transaction management in Entity Framework

A brief introduction to the topic

Whenever you are doing work within Entity Framework, there is (almost) no chance that you are doing it without transactions – whether you are aware of it or not.

FusionAuth provides flexible authentication which works in any environment. In this quickstart guide, you’ll learn how to build an application with C# and .NET and integrate it with FusionAuth in five easy steps. The hyper-versatile auth platform works seamlessly for server applications, SPAs, mobile apps, back-end services, and anywhere else you could ever need authentication.

Learn why async void methods in C# can be dangerous with clear code examples. A perfect for beginner software engineers wanting to understand the risks.

In this post I provide an introduction to the heap data structure, describe why it's useful, and show how it's used in .NET's PriorityQueue type.

Testing applications that require authorization presents a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to simulating different user permissions. Using an actual authorization server and manually creating test users with specific roles and claims can quickly become cumbersome when trying to cover a wide range of permission combinations.

Dumping the managed heap in C#
19 minutes by Kevin Gosse

Using unsafe hacks to walk the managed heap from within a .NET application, without relying on the debugging API.

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