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.NET Performance Optimization: Deferred Allocations

How we accelerated Phobos 2.5's throughput by 161%.

How we accelerated Phobos 2.5's throughput by 161%.

This post explores how the Azure Functions extensions participate in scaling activities through runtime scaling and target-based scaling features.

Parallel.ForEachAsync is a very useful tool for running code in parallel. Recently, we have been exploring what happens when an exception is thrown inside the loop.

Lock statement patterns
2 minutes by Steven Giesel

Beginning with .NET 9, the compiler will treat the lock keyword a bit differently if it encounters the System.Threading.Lock class.

Shoelace Web Components with ASP.NET Core
7 minutes by Khalid Abuhakmeh

Web Components are a powerful way to add UX to your web applications while using the web platform. That makes them ideal as they can be used in various ecosystems with little or no changes. They also require no build pipelines as they are supported natively in most clients. This is in stark contrast to approaches like React or Blazor.

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