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High-Performance .NET CRON Jobs

Starting with the basics and then a more advanced system design

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After a short break we’re back and ready for 2024. What would you like to get better at this year?

High-Performance .NET CRON Jobs
14 minutes by James Hickey

Learn how to build a high-performance .NET CRON job processing system starting with the basics and then a more advanced system design.

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Discriminated Unions in C#
10 minutes by Ian Russell

This blog post is a very gentle introduction to how you can simulate Discriminated Unions today in C# whilst you wait for them to be added to the C# Language. We'll look at one of the less popular reasons for wanting their introduction: Domain Modelling.

Declarative Structured Concurrency for C#
4 minutes by Khalid Abuhakmeh

To my surprise, other folks in the .NET community have also been inspired by the work happening in the frontend space. While scanning NuGet, I found MemoizR, a library that takes inspiration from the frontend world to bring the concept of dynamic lazy memoization to .NET developers.

The Joy of Immutable Update Patterns
7 minutes by Stephen Cleary

Reviews several changes to the language over the years that (taken together) provide joyful techniques to update immutable data.

Domain-Driven Design With Entity Framework Core 8
12 minutes by Tautvydas Versockas

Entity Framework Core 8 and Domain-Driven Design are a match made in heaven. Learn to implement DDD patterns using EF Core 8.

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