Exploring .NET frozen segments

Little-known API allowing to allocate managed objects outside of the managed heap

Exploring .NET frozen segments
16 minutes by Kevin Gosse

Exploring a little-known API allowing to allocate managed objects outside of the managed heap.

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.NET Continuous Profiler: Under the Hood
9 minutes by Christophe Nasarre

.NET profiler was designed and implemented to run 24/7 in production, at any scale, with negligible impact. Here are the details of how we built it.

The Occasionally Useful State Pattern
6 minutes by Jeremy Miller

By using the “State Pattern”, we are able to remove a great deal of potentially repetitive and error prone if/then branching logic out of our code.

Concurrency is a thing we developers know as one of the trickiest things to solve. It might happen rarely, but especially in distributed, massively scaled applications, it will happen often enough. And if not handled well, it will cause once-in-a-day issues that are particularly hard to track down. Let's together take a look at what we can do with concurrency issues in Entity Framework.

In this post I show an example of how the C# 8 feature, default interface methods, can be used to improve performance. I describe a pull request to ASP.NET Core that shows a way for implementations to optimise specific usages of the interface.

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