In the Debugger's Spotlight

Catch up on any enhancements you might have missed

In the Debugger's Spotlight
7 minutes by Harshada Hole

This post offers an % updates, allowing you to catch up on any enhancements you might have missed. All features listed below are included in the latest Visual Studio version and are available for both managed and native debugging scenarios unless specified otherwise.

Discover the benefits of middleware in ASP.NET Core, including flexibility and modularity. Learn about middleware like authentication and logging.

Three new LINQ methods in .NET 9
2 minutes by Steven Giesel

Even though we are in the alpha of .NET 9 and .NET 8 was released not more than two months ago, the dotnet team does not sleep and pushes new changes! In this blog post, we are checking what new methods were added to everyones favorite: LINQ.

.NET Tasks, List’s ForEach, and Problems
3 minutes by Khalid Abuhakmeh

Using List.ForEach can cause issues when paired with async/await.

In this post Andrew provides an introduction to default interface methods, how they work at a high level, and their typical uses.

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