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How to Debug LINQ queries in C#

Debugging LINQ is not very intuitive, but it can be sanely done with some techniques.

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How to Debug LINQ queries in C#
8 minutes by Michael Shpilt

LINQ is one of my favorite features in C#. It just makes the code look nicer. Instead of tedious foreach loops, we got a neat functional syntax that’s easy to write and understand. Well, at least if we’re using the method syntax flavor of LINQ. LINQ is also hard to debug. We have no way of knowing what goes on inside that query. We can see the input, we can see the output, but that’s about it.

FusionAuth provides flexible authentication which works in any environment. In this quickstart guide, you’ll learn how to build an application with C# and .NET and integrate it with FusionAuth in five easy steps. The hyper-versatile auth platform works seamlessly for server applications, SPAs, mobile apps, back-end services, and anywhere else you could ever need authentication.

Dissecting C# Ranges
2 minutes by Eric Potter

In this post, I don’t want to go into all of the features of ranges. That is covered in other places. I want to look at the structure of ranges to see that we can learn about them.

Test-Driving Windows 11 Dev Drive for .NET
12 minutes by Maarten Balliauw

At Build 2023 back in June, Microsoft announced a new form of storage volume for Windows 11: Dev Drive. In October 2023, support for Dev Drive was shipped as a Windows Update and now available to anyone using the latest version of Windows 11.

We're closely following the progress of WebAssembly, including WebAssembly System Interface (WASI). There's a new experimental workload in .NET 8 for WASI that extends the capabilities of Wasm towards the Cloud.

10 Years of Building Akka.NET
22 minutes by Pete Bridge

Lessons learned from working on Akka.NET over the years. Akka.NET’s adoption is growing larger and larger all the time with our rate of downloads increasing every day. Wherever the future is going, people are going to be building integral parts of it on top of Akka.NET and we’ll be right there with them building along the way.

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