Building Powershell

What if you had to fight against your company’s culture to bring a revolutionary tool to life?

Building Powershell
about 1 hour by Adam Gordon Bell

What if you had to fight against your company’s culture to bring a revolutionary tool to life? Meet Jeffrey Snover, the Microsoft architect behind PowerShell, a command tool that transformed Windows system administration. Initially met with skepticism, Snover’s idea faced resistance from a company that favored graphical interfaces.

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The Anatomy of .NET Aspire Application
16 minutes by Fiodar Sazanavets

Adding components is easy, as Aspire comes with fully fledge orchestrator functionality, such as service discovery. Launching and debugging your application is easy too. All you have to do is launch your Aspire host application in the same way you would launch and debug any standard .NET project.

Creating hashes in .NET
3 minutes by Damien Bod

This article looks at different ways to create hashes in .NET Core. Hashes are useful for one way encryption which can be used for password storage, JWT validation and some other security use cases. When storing hashes in a database, extra care must be taken and the recommended approach from Microsoft should be used when implementing this.

Hangfire is a robust library for managing background jobs in .NET applications, allowing developers to easily create and manage tasks that run asynchronously.

Using ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers to generate HTML range inputs with attribute values.

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