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Building pipelines with System.Threading.Channels

Concurrent programming challenges can be effectively addressed using channels

Concurrent programming challenges can be effectively addressed using channels. Channels, as part of the System.Threading.Channels namespace, provide a powerful tool for efficient inter-component communication in your application, particularly when dealing with data streams. Channels are essentially a modern take on the classic producer-consumer problem, offering a robust, thread-safe solution for handling data flow.

The first-ever true .NET Single Project for Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Embedded app is here!! Simplify your development process, boost efficiency, and get 3x faster build times. Dive into the details of Single Project, .NET 9 support, Skia and Multi-Window capabilities of Uno Platform's latest release.

Thoughts on Primary Constructors in C#
12 minutes by Jeremy Bytes

Primary constructors seems to be one of those polarizing features in C#. Some folks really love them; some folks really hate them. As in most cases, there is probably a majority of developers who are in the "meh, whatever" group. I have been experimenting and reading a bunch of articles to try to figure out where/if I will use them in my own code.

Verify is a powerful library for simplifying the assertion of complex data models and documents such as API responses, log or PDF files.

Don't Do This With Extension Methods
6 minutes by Adam Storr

Extension methods in C# are great until they're not. Why? Let's find out.

Giving the .NET smart components a try
3 minutes by Bart Wullems

The idea of the Smart TextArea is that it gives you a smart autocomplete that can be tailored to the specific context you want to use it in. It looks at what the user is currently typing and tries to make suggestions based on the configured context and tone.

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