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Bing on .NET 8: The Impact of Dynamic PGO

How dynamic profile guided optimization continues to deliver performance gains

Bing Extensible Application Platform's upgrade to .NET 8 and how dynamic profile guided optimization continues to deliver performance gains.

Create seamless API integration experiences with Speakeasy. Generate customizable, strongly typed, fully documented C# SDKs that automatically stay up-to-date with your API changes. Check out our guide to learn how to easily generate a C# SDK from an OpenAPI spec.

By using property based testing we have quickly identified 2 bugs in our implementation by fighting our own biases that limited during test list elaboration and implementation. Imagine what could be the impact of this practice on your own code.

Organizing ASP.NET Core Minimal APIs
5 minutes by Tess Ferrandez

The less boiler plate and less clutter the better, so minimal APIs have been a really great fit for me, and so far, I have not found any limitations that have been a problem for me independent of project size.

While working on the second edition of Pro .NET Memory Management, it was needed to get statistics about each garbage collection to explain the condemned generation and other decisions taken by the GC. This post explains the different internal data structures used by the GC and how to get their value for each collection.

C# Language Features vs. Target Frameworks
6 minutes by Sergey Teplyakov

If you check the official C# language versioning page you might think that there is a very strong relationship between the target framework and the C# language version.

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