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Behind the implementation of .NET's PriorityQueue

How it uses the underlying array as a heap data structure

In this post, I look at the implementation of PriorityQueue, understand how it uses the underlying array as a heap data structure, and discuss the complexity of the implementation.

See how user interfaces are benefitting from LLMs and how you can start to implement them into your Blazor, Angular, React or Vue app.

C# 12: Primary Constructors
10 minutes by By Thomas Claudius Huber

In November 2023, Microsoft released .NET 8.0, and since then you can use C# 12. So, it might be a good time for you to learn about the new features of the programming language of the year 2023.

Boundaries are explicit
9 minutes by Mark Seemann

This article is part of a series titled The four tenets of SOA revisited. In each of these articles, I'll pull one of Don Box's four tenets of service-oriented architecture out of the original MSDN Magazine article and add some of my own commentary.

Average teams aim at 100% Code Coverage just to reach the number. Great teams don’t. Why?

In this post, we focus on some of the core details of the DiagnosticSource and DiagnosticListener types, touching on the IObservable interface.

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