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Analyzing WPF performance by enabling ETW

WPF makes extensive performance instrumentation available through ETW

WPF makes extensive performance instrumentation available through ETW. However, in modern .NET, it's not obvious how to get hold of it. This blog shows how.

FusionAuth provides flexible authentication which works in any environment. In this quickstart guide, you’ll learn how to build an application with C# and .NET and integrate it with FusionAuth in five easy steps. The hyper-versatile auth platform works seamlessly for server applications, SPAs, mobile apps, back-end services, and anywhere else you could ever need authentication.

Mocking GraphQL queries with WireMock.NET
5 minutes by Czezary Piatek

Practical tips for simulating GraphQL query responses with WireMock.NET.

IAsyncEnumerable with Blazor Stream Rendering for improved ASP.NET Core performance.

In this post I describe some important things to think about when designing your incremental source generator, particularly the pitfalls to watch out for. This post is somewhat of a summary of my experience building source generators for the last 2 years, and focuses on making your source generator as performant as possible.

As the Google paper mentions, it is important to understand that how code is written (as a monolith) and how it is deployed (as separate services) are two separate concerns and understanding this difference can guide teams towards an architecture that is more sensible for the needs of the team.

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