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Adventures serializing absolutely everything in C#

A fantastic journey porting Newtonsoft.Json to System.Text.Json

Trim as many third-party dependencies as I can. Target native AOT when compiling games for web and consoles. Always stay on top of the latest .NET releases. Performance…?

Unlock the full potential of MongoDB in your C# projects! The MongoDB Provider for EF Core is now generally available, enabling you to build modern applications with the EF Core APIs and design patterns you know and love. Discover how this integration can transform your development experience.

The feature set shown here has been a very long planned set of capabilities to truly extend the “Critter Stack” into the realm of supporting Event Driven Architecture approaches from soup to nuts.

We introduce you to the core concepts of network programming, guiding you through the essential terminology and principles that form the bedrock of all networked systems.

Some more C# 12
5 minutes by Tom Deseyn

In this article, we’ll take a look at some advanced features that part of the latest C# version: inline arrays, optional params and params in lambda expressions, ref readonly parameters, aliasing any type, and the UnsafeAccessorAttribute.

C# 13 Params Collections
5 minutes by Fons Sonnemans

In this blog I will explain the params Collection feature as documented in this proposal.

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