The Actor Model

Actor Model systems are characterized by communication via immutable messages between objects called “actors”.

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The Actor Model
11 minutes by David Hoerster

This post is the first in an occasional series on building a distributed system using Akka.NET. The Actor Model is one of those approaches to system design that, at first, struck me as somewhat related to CQRS due to its embrace of message passing and SRP type of classes.

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In the world of web application security, OpenID Connect plays a key role in streamlining authentication processes. But what makes it really tick? In this blog post, we dive deep into two critical security features of OpenID Connect – the state and nonce parameters – and how they are used in ASP.NET Core.

Redacting sensitive data in logs with
15 minutes by Andrew Lock

Once you start putting things into production, especially if you're working for a privacy- and/or security-conscious company, you have to start being more careful. You need to think about each thing you write to your logs, is it ok for that to be stored in plain-text and potentially shipped off to a third-party system?

.NET 8 Networking Improvements
28 minutes by Natalia Kondratyeva

Introducing new networking features in .NET 8 including HTTP space, metrics, sockets and more.

Hardware Intrinsics in .NET 8
18 minutes by Tanner Gooding

.NET 8 includes significant improvements to the Hardware Intrinsics feature.

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